Alamo Title Company


As a real estate lender, protection of the collateral for your loans is of utmost importance to you, whether you are making multi million dollar loans on commercial shopping centers or $20,000 equity line loans to homeowners. Alamo Title® has a variety of products, each designed to respond to a specific need. More than 150 years of experience coupled with the highest insurance reserves in the industry assure you of the greatest level of protection available. Regardless of size, the experienced, dedicated members of our staff will give every transaction the attention it deserves.

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Escrow Information

Special Escrows

Lender Escrows

Life of an Escrow

New Communities Escrows

Commercial Escrows

What Happens in Escrow Settlement?

Who May Handle Escrow Settlements?

Instructions to the Settlement Agent

What Each Party Does in Escrow

Closing The Sale and Division of Charges

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