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Naturalization - The conferring of rights of citizenship to a person who has been an alien.

Naturalized Citizen - A person made a citizen of the United States by act of congress.

Neap Tides - Tides occurring between the full moon and the change of the moon, twice every twenty-four hours.

Negotiable - Capable of transfer by endorsement in the ordinary course of business.

Negotiable Instrument - Instruments with special legal incidents permitting free circulation in commerce.

Nominee - A person designated to act in the place and stead of another.

Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sale - Sale of property pursuant to the power of sale provisions contained in a security instrument.

Notarize - To prove execution of a document by means of a notary public's certificate of acknowledgment.

Notary Public - A person authorized by law to take acknowledgments and to administer oaths.

Note - A common reference to a promissory note.

Note of Action - A lis pendens.

Notice of Cessation - A recorded notice shortening the time for filing mechanics' liens if work ceases prior to completion.

Notice of Completion - A notice recorded within ten days of completion of a work of improvement signaling commencement of the time period within which claims of mechanics' liens must be recorded.

Notice of Default - A recorded notice of a trustor's failure to perform his/her obligation under a deed of trust. The beginning step in nonjudicial foreclosure of a deed of trust.

Notice of Non-Responsibility - A recorded notice by an owner of real property that he/she will not be responsible for payment of costs of improvements contracted for thereon by some other person.

Notice to Quit - Notice given by landlord to a tenant to pay rent within three days or vacate premises.

Novation - The substitution of a new obligation for an old one.

Nuncupative Will - An oral will.

Nunc Pro Tune - Now for then; a tardy act made retroactive to the time when the act should have been done.

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